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Chauffeur Service, Hotel Booking Service & More

At My Jet Charters, we understand that there’s more to your travel day than simply boarding a private jet. We’re here to assist you in arranging off-board services on either end of your charter flight, such as hiring airport rental cars, getting a reservation at a five star restaurant or handling your hotel booking services.

It is your comfort, peace of mind, and positive experience that motivates us to go above and beyond. Whether you’re flying on your own, or in a group flying in a private charter plane, we will make sure that you get you to your destination in comfort and style – on the ground and in the air!

Private Jet Charter Ground Transportation Services

Travelling is hectic enough without having to worry about traffic congestion, delays on the way to the airport. Let a professional chauffeur service handle the ins and outs of the roadways while you wrap up those final work details and business calls while on the way to the airport.

Airport transportation is crucial to a busy lifestyle. It makes things a lot easier when you can hop off your plane and immediately have a ride to your next destination. We can arrange limousine services to make these connections for your next trip. Airport transportation services can pick you up from your hotel and take you to the appropriate terminal. One advantage of these services is their knowledge of local airports. Our airport transportation service is familiar with every terminal and routes to pick up and drop off our private jet charter passengers.

Personal Security Details for Private Jet Charter Passengers

You can never be too safe when you travel, and when it comes to private jet security, we prefer to err on the side of caution. If you’re traveling to a foreign country, or to places where there are known security threats, it can be reassuring to have a professional security guard at your side. When you make your booking our customer support team will update you on the latest security threats for at your destination

When they’re out in public, high-profile figures are at their most vulnerable. They have to contend with an array of potentially precarious situations such as:

  • Overenthusiastic fans
  • Activists
  • Paparazzi
  • Protesters
  • Stalkers

While the majority of public interactions turn out to be non-eventful, having a private security guard at your side can offer a reassuring presence.

Personal security details are also a prudent choice for executives and other prominent figures who travel with us to foreign countries and other states in the USA where there is a legitimate risk to their personal safety.

Depending on the level of security required, private security guards can be armed or unarmed. You can also choose to have one present for the duration of your trip, or just while you’re on the ground or from the airport to your destination etc

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