Empty Legs

“Empty legs” are private jet flights where there happens to be nobody on-board, at least not until you come in.

The resulting repositioning flight can then be sold at a discount, as it would otherwise be flying empty.

Prices for empty leg flights can be very attractive for passengers as aircraft operators are often willing to sell the flight at a much lower cost. But be forewarned that the empty leg can be subject to change or cancellation – if the original customer changes their timing or route or duration of stay due to an emergency for example.

Empty leg flights are often available at up to 75% discount on the usual air charter price. The exact price will depend on the flight route and the operator. Operators are often prepared to offer exceptionally low prices at the last minute if they haven’t been able to sell the flight at full price so waiting as near as possible will have huge savings benefits for the passenger.

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Concierge Services

While reserving your private charter flight with us, you will have the option of requesting concierge services. From in-flight catering to on ground transportation and more, we know that the difference is always in the details. Our concierge team is available 24/7 to book your hotel accommodations and arrange transport. Moreover, we can make recommendations to some of the top five-star hotels and restaurants at your destination.

Our focus on exceeding customer expectations, satisfaction and attention to details make us the premier private air charter among private air travel clients. Our concierge services include:


  • Reserving a car or limousine upon your arrival.
  • Extensive catering menu that will be designed personally to meet any taste and dietary needs. Whether you are traveling with picky eaters or flying for a special occasion, our catering services will be personalized to your preferences.
  • We also work with a wide range of five-star hotels and help you choose the best hotel and restaurant at your destination.
  • In case you would like extra help with planning your trip after reaching your endpoint, do not waver to ask our concierge team. We can make reservations for you and your family, ensuring you always have what you require.
  • Our concierge team has contacts worldwide to offer you the very best. If you are new to a specific destination, we will be happy to make recommendations for you.
  • We can also provide armored cars, bodyguards and security personnel. Our air charter coordinator will ensure your personal safety by including personal security services in your travel plans.

Here are two main concierge services that can be easily offered for our air charter passengers. The first one is On-demand hotel and restaurant reservation”, and the second “Nannies, hairdressers, masseuses, bodyguards, exotic car rental etc.”


Sky or In-Flight Catering

Flying on your route in a private jet can be well optimized by including facilities like “Personalized Menus” and “Full Bar Accessories”. In such a way you can enjoy the gourmet meals you have ordered in advance, plan a special celebratory event with a custom cake surprise while in flight or have a drink with your team members, associates and friends.


Ground transportation and security

One of the most important aspects that should be a priority for any private jet company which deals with businessmen or VIPs, is to assure comfortable ground transport plus decent security after landing. Clients can easily choose the level of protection at home, work or any other destination.

Basic limousine scheduling, armed drivers, optional follow vehicles or additional security agents, hotel reservations, restaurant reservations are just a few of those never ending facilities that a decent executive jet charter service can offer as an add-on service.

When looking to fly in luxury there are several options available from My Private Jet Charters, be sure you give us a call so that we can cater to all of your needs and special requests.

Our clients who use our executive jet services get best-in-class safety, services and security through a well-maintained aviation infrastructure.

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